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Hypnobirthing Antenatal Classes in London, Kent, Essex, Surrey and Worldwide via Skype.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. xx

ZenBirth is a leading provider of KG Hypnobirthing, a complete antenatal preparation course, in London, Kent, Essex and Surrey. We have venues for group classes in Blackheath and Greenwich, South East London, and in Whitstable and Canterbury, East Kent. Venues in North East London and South West London coming soon. Private classes available across London, Kent, Essex, and Surrey, and Worldwide via Skype.

Childbirth is an empowering, positive, life-changing event. Your baby's birth can take place calmly and without significant discomfort or drama. You have the power to make your baby's birth a beautiful experience. 

The hypnobirthing approach to childbirth gives you the tools you need to birth easily. Our courses are childbirth preparation classes with a difference. During classes with ZenBirth, mothers are supported in gaining confidence in their natural birthing abilities. They are empowered to have the birth experience they want. And birth partners learn how to take an active role in sharing that experience.

Please browse the site to learn more about hypnobirthing and how ZenBirth courses can help you have a beautiful birth.


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'...The birth wisdom women need already belongs to their bodies. It is a matter of connection to and trust in the wisdom which the body contains...'
- Marianne Jacuzzi


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