Hypnobirthing Course Information

ZenBirth is a leading provider of the KG Hypnobirthing course, which is a complete antenatal education programme.

The course content includes:

  • physiology of pregnancy, labour and birth, and how the birthing body works;
  • how the mind effects the body and what this means for labour and birth;
  • how a birthing mother can use her natural abilities to birth comfortably;
  • understanding and using self-hypnosis to improve labour and birth;
  • preparing both mind and body for an easy, positive birth;
  • specific and highly-effective breathing and relaxation techniques;
  • opportunities to experience and practice deep relaxation and self-hypnosis;
  • fear release and building confidence about labour, birth and becoming a new parent;
  • effective positions for labour and birthing;
  • massage techniques to help deepen relaxation;
  • how to avoid artificial induction and why this is important;
  • creating your birth preferences and the ideal birthing environment for you and your baby;
  • breastfeeding information and tips for new parents;
  • and more...

When you book your full hypnobirthing course, you get:

  • The full KG Hypnobirthing programme for both you and your birth companion;
  • Approximately 12 hours of teaching time with your fully qualified instructor;
  • The Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves;  
  • hypnobirthing audio recordings;
  • course manual packed with information, self-hypnosis scripts and more;
  • assistance with any questions or concerns about pregnancy, labour, birth and breastfeeding; and
  • caring support from your hypnobirthing teacher from the time of your booking until your baby arrives, and after.

Expectant parents are encouraged to enrol on their hypnobirthing course anytime from the 20-week scan. Most couples tend to start between 26-33 weeks. The earlier you learn the range of tools and techniques, the more time you have to practice. However, it is never too late in pregnancy to learn and effectively use hypnobirthing techniques for a better birth experience.

It is ideal to attend the course with your partner/birth companion, however expectant mothers who attend all or part of the course on their own can equally benefit from hypnobirthing.

'Childbirth is a powerful and empowering experience.
It is something to embrace and look forward to.'
- Gina Potts

Course Formats

Group courses are taught in small groups, usually 2-7 couples. The course includes approximately 10-12 hours of teaching time, and is normally taught either over two full weekend days or over four short sessions in the day or evening.

Group courses enable you to benefit from the full hypnobirthing programme plus meet other parents-to-be. Many mothers report that besides having a beautiful birth as a result of their ZenBirth course, they also made wonderful, like-minded friends.

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Private courses are taught one-to-one and include approximately 10-12 teaching hours. Private courses cover the full programme whilst also being tailored to your individual needs and requirements.

Your private sessions are arranged with your instructor at times and dates to suit you, and normally take place in the comfort of your home. Private sessions are also available via Skype. Discounts are normally available if you wish to book a private course together with another couple or two.

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Refresher courses are offered on a private or semi-private basis to parents having their second, or subsequent child, and wish to use hypnobirthing again for a beautiful birth experience. .

The refresher courses are for those who have completed a full hypnobirthing course previously and wish to update their knowledge and practice, as well as receive valuable support in preparation for your new baby.

The refresher session is tailored to your specific needs. During your refresher you can expect to enjoy deep relaxation and hypnosis, practice of all techniques, discussion of birth options and preferences and support with any concerns you may have.

Refreshers include approximately 3-4 teaching hours plus a telephone consultation prior to the in-person session. On-going support is also included, from the time of booking until baby arrives, and after if needed. If needed, hypnobirthing recordings are provided, and other materials as appropriate.

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