What is Hypnobirthing?

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ZenBirth Hypnobirthing offers a complete antenatal education programme that includes simple and highly effective breathing, relaxation and self-hypnosis techniques. It is soundly based in established anatomy, physiology and psychology, and gives you the knowledge and tools you need to have a positive birth experience.

Most expectant mothers can't wait to hold their baby in their arms, but many are afraid of giving birth. Why? We are surrounded by negative ideas and assumptions about childbirth, from images we see on TV to being told unpleasant stories by relatives, and even by strangers. It is no wonder many people fear childbirth.

'Birth isn't something we suffer. It is something we actively do and exhalt in.'
- Sheila Kitzinger

Hypnobirthing helps you to feel calm and confident about your baby's birth . It enables you to get rid of any fears or anxieties you may have. And it prepares you for best possible birth for you and your baby. .

The hypnobirthing approach to childbirth starts from two key premises:

  • that a woman’s body is perfectly designed to birth her baby naturally, and
  • that fear and tension, which create pain, can be replaced by calm relaxation to make birthing easier and more comfortable.

Hypnobirthing empowers women to trust in and use their body’s natural abilities to bring about a calm and comfortable birth. It teaches women that they don't have to be afraid of birth and, when they trust their bodies, they will relax during, and even enjoy, the physical sensations of childbirth.

'...The birth wisdom women need already belongs to their bodies.
It is a matter of connection to and trust in the wisdom which the body contains...'
- Marianne Jacuzzi

With hypnobirthing, you can:

  • discover that pain does not inevitably accompany labour;
  • learn how to release any fears or anxieties you may have about giving birth;
  • overcome any previous traumatic births;  
  • experience the joy and magic of birth;
  • most importantly, learn how to be in full control of their baby’s birth.

According to feedback given by hypnobirthing mothers to the HypnoBirthing Institute, around 70% experienced childbirth without any need for medical or surgical intervention. Hypnobirthed babies tend to emerge into the world more alert and calm, with high APGAR scores, and many reportedly feeding and sleeping better than parents expected. For those births that do have special circumstance requiring assistance from medical professionals, hypnobirthing parents report feel calmer, more confident and in control when deciding to have an assisted delivery.

According to our ZenBirth Course Evaluation survey, 100% of respondents reported that they felt 'confident' or 'very confident' after completing their course. And from our Birth Experience Survey, 99.3% of respondents were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their birth experience and 99.8% felt well-supported during the birth.

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