About ZenBirth

We are a friendly and professional team, offering comprehensive antenatal classes, including hypnobirthing and more. We serve expectant parents across London and the Home Counties, and Worldwide via Skype.

We empower you to have a ZenBirth

Back in 2009, ZenBirth began as a dream, when our founder, Gina Potts, was pregnant for the first time and wondered how she might feel more 'zen' about giving birth. After doing a hypnobirthing course, she was empowered by practical tools, knowledge and support, and she went on to have a really positive birth experience. Gina felt inspired to spread the positivity and help other couples to feel more prepared, relaxed and confident about birth. In 2011, the first ZenBirth courses began in South East London.

Since then, we have grown into an vibrant professional team of antenatal instructors with extensive knowledge and experience, covering London, the Home Counties and beyond. Meet the team here.

We are committed to helping you have the best possible birth for your baby.

We provide our highest standard of teaching to everyone who joins our courses, and we undertake additional training and professional development, as a group and individually, in order to offer you the best information, knowledge and support possible.

Please have a look at our Testimonials and Birth Stories pages to learn what ZenMamas and their partners have to say.

Our statistics dating from 2011 to the present reflect fantastic results for parents, especially in terms of how they felt after taking the course and after the birth of their baby. From our course evaluation survey, 99.8% of respondents reported that they felt 'confident' or 'very confident' after completing their course. From our birth experience survey, 99.3% of respondents were 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with their birth experience and 99.7% felt well-supported during the birth.

We are proud of the work that we do because we know how positively transformative it is for couples to approach birth feeling calm, confident and well-prepared. Giving yourself and your baby a positive birth experience truly is the best birthday gift, plus it's a really great way to start life as a family.

Book your course today, and begin your journey to having a beautiful birth.



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