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What is Hypnobirthing?

Image by John Looy

When you hear hypnobirthing....

I hate to assume, but you might be thinking about one way of giving birth (water birth), in a particular setting (at home), using certain techniques (deep breathing).


If this is what is running through your mind, I can understand, as 'old school' hypnobirthing has made it seem as though this is the ONLY way a hypnobirth should be like. Now, there is nothing wrong with this example of a birth, in fact it could be the birth you are looking towards, but if this is the only scenario you are preparing for then there could be a problem.


I believe ALL women should empower themselves for pregnancy and birth. Leaving this life experience to chance should not be an option. Same as believing that your care providers know best for you and your body - this is sadly not always the case.


And this is one of the main things that has prompted me to design a birth preparation course based around evidence. To give all mum's, birthing in different ways, the chance to feel confident and involved in their birth.


Because hypnobirthing should not focus only on one type of birth. It has to be adaptable and responsive, because that is what birth is like.


Birth is fluid, things change, no birth is the same.


But 'old-style' hypnobirthing isn't responsive. In practice it focussing more on one type of birth, demonizes intervention, and although the focus on positivity and breathing is great, it's not always practical if things start to change.


In pregnancy and labour you need to be able to navigate the system, to stand up for your evidence based rights and feel confident making informed choices. There are always options available, and if you know what they are it is much easier to ask, push for or decline.


And this is where our hypnobirthing course comes in. I'll teach you hypnobirthing, how to be positive, use your breath and relax your mind, but I'll also teach you how to use your voice and how to respond to changes. You'll learn about your options and how to make decisions not reactions to fear based language.

You can get all this from our hypnobirthing courses



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