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Hypnobirthing and Birth support

At ZenBirth we are committed to supporting you as you prepare to meet your baby and after your baby arrives.

We deliver antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal support through a range of courses and workshops. 

Our services include:

Support Group

Group Hypnobirthing

 Small in-person groups


£325 per couple 

Get to know other expectant parents while preparing for a calm and confident birth. 

Image by Freddy G

Private Hypnobirthing

One-to-one course

£495 (in person)/ £395 (online)

A personalised in-depth course. Explore hypnobirthing tools and techniques at your own pace.

Image by Vince Fleming

Private Hypnobirthing Essentials

One-to-one intensive course

£225 (online) / £295 (in-person)


Gather hypnobirthing essentials if you are short on time or have found hypnobirthing a bit later on in your pregnancy.

Image by Jessica Rockowitz

Private Hypnobirthing Refresher

One-to-one condensed course

£195 (online) / £225 (in person)

Refresh your hypnobirthing knowledge if you have used hypnobirthing before.


It doesn’t matter if your previous course was with us or not.

Pregnancy Dress

Calm Caesarean 

One-to-one course


£295 in-person or online

Prepare your mind and body for a calm caesarean. 


Releasing Difficult Memories

One-to-one self-led process



£295 (online) / £325 (in-person)

Process negative feelings linked to a difficult memory. Rewind the past to reframe for the future.

Available to anyone.

Birth release
Midwife support
Image by Christin Noelle

Midwife Support
Before Birth

One-to-one antenatal care

£395 (online) / £425 (in-person)


Two antenatal appointments with a midwife for a check and chat before your baby is born.


Dedicated time with an experienced midwife in the comfort of your own home.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Midwife Support
After Birth

One-to-one postnatal visit

£195 (in person)

One postnatal midwife visit to support you and your baby in the first few weeks.


Dedicated time with an experienced midwife in the comfort of your own home.

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