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Beautiful birth stories

Read comments from ZenBirth families on their birth experiences. They all achieved a positive start to life with their new babies.

Angela's Quick Water Birth

...Three pushes and five mins later, Emma was born. It was incredible. Chris was only gone for ten mins but when he came back I was already breastfeeding our new daughter outside the pool. He was in a bit of shock, as you can imagine. The birth was 6 hours from first contraction, and we were only in hospital for 12 hrs in total. It was such a wonderful birth (bar Chris missing it) and I felt so blessed. 


Waverly Fleur's Magical Home Birth

...then Lucian woke up. He was the one I had worried about keeping at home during the birth: how would I cope if he was here, how would he cope, would he be the thing that unsettled me or made my labour harder because I'd have to be mum instead of focusing on my labour? He turned into the highlight of my labour. With him there, I had one of the most grounding, utterly perfect, emotionally charged experiences of my life.


Aimee's Quick Hypnobirth

I just want to say thank you so much for teaching us because It wouldn’t have been the same story if you hadn’t! I can’t believe it worked but it really did, when you was telling your story of labour and about there being no pain i didn't believe it but I can honestly say I had no pain at all. I could only feel the tightenings and then my body pushing down which was a little bit stingy as he came out. It couldn’t have been a better experience so thank you SO much! 


Mahi's Joyful Hypnobirth

I loved the second stage and found it so empowering to feel my baby pass through my body and into the world, it is a feeling I hope I always remember! Now she is in my arms and latched to my breast I couldn't help but cry in pure happiness and joy! 


Marcie's Empowering birth
I had a really great, empowering birth... We ended up having an induction at 12 days past due date... and nothing went along with the birthing plan. But we were able to handle that and make informed, confident choices.  In terms of pain relief, I didn’t even have gas and air...' 


Lola's Incredible hypnobirth
Even though it didn't go exactly according to plan, it was an incredible, life affirming experience and I am so grateful I had it. There are so many ways in which things could have gone differently, at many different points in late pregnancy and in labour but hypnobirthing gave us the tools to have a beautiful birth



Cara's home water hypnobirth
'I just did what my body felt like. I was very much in the zone and listened to the gentle music as I imagined the golden glow of relaxation spreading down my body. I got into the pool which was so lovely and warm I just melted into deeper relaxation...' 


Emma's VBAC hypnobirth
'Delivering my little boy was truly amazing - I was totally elated and kept shouting 'I did it, I did it!'. I felt really calm and in control at every stage... I really hope my experience can help out other mothers considering a VBAC... I absolutely recommend it!'


Leah's empowering hypnobirth
'I think what surprised me most about hypnobirthing, compared to my first birth, was how I felt after. An hour of skin to skin and a quick shower later, I felt completely normal and myself. I didn't feel like I had just given birth... 



Baby Bonnie's positive birth
'It reinforced in me the belief that my body is made for giving birth which made me feel positive and confident about it... Hypnobirthing definitely helped and thanks so much for your expertise'


Florence's 'mermaid' hypnobirth
'I had the 'mermaid birth' we had dreamed of, with music playing, low lights, warm water, laughter and a real sense of calm. It was one of the most empowering experiences I've had. I wasn't being superhuman strong, you just gave us a really powerful toolbox of techniques...'


Baby Arthur's 'pain free' hypnobirth
'Thank you for helping us to have the calm birth that I had hoped for. I was worried that the whole hypnobirthing idea was too good to be true, and am so pleased this wasn't the case! I really feel that the course and doing yoga during the pregnancy helped me to stay calm and have a pain free experience.' 


Max's beautiful hypnobirth
'The strong bearing down surges were moving baby into position beautifully and after about four I could feel his fury little head about 3cm inside me... I was flying so high on endorphins and oxytocin, it was like running the last few hundreds yards of this marathon punching the air and celebrating the approaching finish, having baby in my arms...' 


Ottilie's euphoric hypnobirth
'It was the most euphoric moment of my life. I couldn't believe I had given birth in my own home, without any pain relief, intervention or coached pushing. It was as nature intended...' 


Helena's quick, easy hypnobirth
'My labour and birth were very fast - exactly what I had hoped for. Between the beginning of the first surge and the birth only 3.5 hours passed. At 9pm, I felt the first surge, and the frequency and intensity was almost immediate, such that I knew the birth was imminent. I gave birth 50 minutes after my arrival in the MLU... 

Eva's calm hypnobirth
'...I continued to use the methods Gina taught me after the sessions and found I became incredibly calm and positive about the birthing process... I was now looking forward to giving birth and instead of being afraid of the pain, I was embracing the fact that each surge would be one step closer to meeting my baby...' 


Finlay's quick and easy hypnobirth
'I was the only one out of my NCT group who had a natural birth with no interventions, and I was the only one who did hypnobirthing and I don’t think that’s a coincidence...Even the midwife commented how lovely a birth it was. Finlay is now 4 months and a very chilled baby; he has been since he was born...' 

Eliot's zen hospital hypnobirth:
'... I only needed 3 'pushes' at the end, and Eliot came out without any difficulties...  And the physical sensation I experienced as Eliot finally emerged into the world was the most amazing and beautiful sensation I’ve ever experienced in my life...' 


Maya's peaceful home water birth:
'...We are so lucky that the birth went pretty much exactly as we'd envisaged. Baby was born at home in the water. There was no need for hospital transfer, no epidural, no episiotomy and no even a tear!I believe the combination of hypnobirth, together with the use of aromatherapy, homeopathy and water helped us achieve the peaceful, natural birth we wished for.

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